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Donna Tatsuki: Teaching Pragmatics

April 26 (Sun.)

Details forthcoming. See Upcoming Events for details.

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Last Meeting - Quick Report

March 29: Exploring The Creation of Teaching Materials

Sponsored by JALT Materials Writers SIG. Greg Goodmacher's highly informative, relevant, and timely presentation specifically focused on the adaptation of existing teaching materials to better meet the needs of our learners and our teaching objectives. For a full 3 hours, he had us engaged and actively participating in a variety of activities and exercises that allowed us to explore and experience the expansion, improvement and evolution of teaching materials. Greg’s casual presentation style and obvious familiarity with the topic made this event a great experience for all.

See Archives for details.

First Time Free with Coupon!

JALT Sendai - newcomer coupon

JALT Sendai would like to make it easier for you to invite colleagues, friends and students to join us for one of our regular monthly meetings. Simply download & print this coupon, and pass it to someone you'd like to invite. It entitles first-time visitors to free admission for a regular, monthly meeting (excluding special programs).

We hope this will allow members to do something nice for colleagues/students, while encouraging interested individuals to give JALT Sendai a try and see if it could become a valuable part of their professional and personal lives.

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