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Adrian Leis: Creating a Mindset for Active Learning

Date: April 30th, Sunday
: 14:00 - 17:00.
Sendai Shimin Katsudo Support Centre, Seminar Hall (Map)
Fee: Free for members, ¥1000 for non-members, ¥500 for students
and first-time visitors. (See "first time free" coupon on homepage.)

Abstract: In recent years, the concept of Active Learning has been at the center of many discussions related to all fields of education, including language learning. However, it is difficult to find a clear definition of what it really means. In this presentation, I will discuss the idea of Active Learning and how it could be used in the language classroom. I will also introduce Carolyn Dweck’s Growth Mindset and how creating a classroom atmosphere that encourages this way of thinking can help students to be more prepared to take on the challenges that come with Active Learning. This presentation will be interactive, and participants will be expected to share their experiences, opinions, and ideas on a variety of topics.

Speaker Bio: Adrian Leis Ph.D is a tenured associate professor at Miyagi University of Education, with close to 20 years experience teaching in Japan. His main fields of research include second language education, language learning motivation, and computer-assisted language learning, especially flipped learning.



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