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Andy Boon Double-Header:
1. Writing for fluency or accuracy—A Catch 22?
2. Negotiated syllabuses: Do you want to?

Date: May 28th, Sunday
: 14:00 - 17:00.
Sendai War Memorial Hall 4F, Meeting Room 3 (Map)
Fee: Free for members, ¥1000 for non-members, ¥500 for students
and first-time visitors. (See "first time free" coupon on homepage.)

1] Writing for Fluency or Accuracy—A Catch 22?
Often in an EFL writing class, we face a catch-22 situation. If students focus on accuracy, they may write very little. If they focus on fluency, they may write a lot, but with many mistakes. This presentation will describe a new writing coursebook that blends extensive writing and noticing tasks to encourage students to get writing first and focus on accuracy later. It will also provide a number of practical activities for the writing classroom.

2] Negotiated syllabuses: Do you want to?
It has been said that negotiated syllabuses can increase student motivation and involvement in the learning process. And yet, learner and teacher reservations towards gaining or relinquishing control of syllabus design decisions can often mean that negotiated syllabuses are difficult to implement. This presentation will look at three different teaching contexts in which negotiated syllabuses (or certain elements of negotiation) have been implemented (business courses, extension center courses, and university courses). It will describe the results of a qualitative research study into whether teachers and students really want to negotiate syllabuses. Finally, the audience will be invited to share their own experiences by answering the questions; have you and do you want to?

Speaker Bio: Andy Boon is a professor in the faculty of Global Communications at Toyo Gakuen University, Tokyo. He has been teaching in Japan for over 19 years. He holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University. He has been an active member of JALT since 2004, has presented at numerous conferences, and has published several articles on teacher development, motivation, and methodology. He is also co-author of Inspire (Cengage Learning, 2013-14) and author of Writing for Fluency and Accuracy (Cengage Learning, 2017).



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