JALT Sendai Constitution

JALT Sendai is a (chapter / special interest group) of the nationwide “NPO The Japan Association for Language Teaching,” hereinafter referred to as JALT. In the conduct of its activities, JALT Sendai shall comply with the policies and directives of the JALT National Executive Board and act in accordance with the provisions of the National Constitution and Bylaws.

JALT仙台は、全国規模の「特定非営利活動法人全国語学教育学会」(以下JALTと略称)の1(支部 /研究部会)である。JALT仙台は、その活動の実施に当たって、JALT全国執行役員会の方針と指示を守り、全国語学教育学会定款及び細則の規定に従って行動しなければならない。

Access a pdf version of the JALT National Constitution through the JALT National website, under the "INFORMATION" link.

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