Anyone with an interest in language learning and teaching can join JALT. 

As a National JALT member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free attendance at all regular JALT Sendai meetings.
  • Membership in the Special Interest Group (SIG) of your choice
    (1 SIG membership included with National membership).
  • The Language Teacher, a bi-monthly magazine for language teachers in Japan.
  • JALT Journal, a semiannual scholarly research journal.
  • JALT Annual Conference Proceedings.
  • Access to thousands of archived articles online.
  • Access to numerous Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    (in addition to your one included SIG membership).
  • Reduced admission to the annual National JALT Conference.
  • Access (usually free) to other chapter presentations throughout Japan.
  • Annual research grants for qualifying applicants.

Local JALT membership

  • Local membership is an option for those who want to participate in the local community, but don’t need the journals, SIG membership, conference discounts, etc. Local membership simply includes free attendance at all regular JALT Sendai meetings. 

One-day membership

  • Allows you to attend one JALT Sendai event. 

Membership Fees

National Membership (annual):

  • Regular membership: ¥13,000... or five years for ¥52,000 (20% discount!)
  • Student membership: ¥7,000 
  • Senior membership (65 & over) ¥7,000
  • Joint membership (2 members): ¥10,500 each
  • Group membership (5 or more): ¥8,500 each
    (Joint/group members share one copy of all publications.)
  • SIG membership: ¥2,000
    National membership includes one SIG membership. Further SIG memberships ¥2,000 each.   

• Local membership: ¥4,500 annually
• One-day membership
: ¥1,000 (¥500 for students). Pay at the door.
• First time visitors: ¥500 (free for students or first-timers with coupon). 

Drop by and give JALT a try!

How do I join JALT? 

The easiest way to start or renew your National and/or SIG membership is through the JALT National website (click on “membership” and be sure to register as a member of JALT Sendai).

Local membership is available at our monthly meetings.

For details/advice on membership and payment options, check the JALT National website, contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or drop by our next local meeting.

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